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Easy Air Fryer Ground Beef Recipes

A round-up of 10 easy air fryer ground beef recipes that are perfect for a weeknight meal. Air fryers are not only great for creating lighter variations of our favorite foods, but they are great time-savers. Not to mention, the results are incredibly delicious!

collage photo of air fryer ground beef recipes

Benefits of Air Fryer Cooking

  • Air fryers cook food evenly while achieving the desired crispiness of our favorite fried foods with much less fat.
  • Air fryers are designed with a concealed heating element and removable basket, making it a safer cooking method than working with a pan of hot oil. 
  • Most air fryers have digital controls for precise temperature and cooking times for foolproof cooking, and automatically shut off when the cooking timer ends. 
  • Most air fryers are designed with a non-stick basket making clean-up a breeze.

Air Fryer Cooking Tips

  • Not all air fryers use the same temperature increments, so if your air fryer cannot be set at the exact temperature specified in a recipe, select the closest temperature setting.
  • It’s best to check for doneness at the low end of the requested cook time and continue cooking longer if necessary. 
  • Don’t overcrowd the air fryer basket. Cook in batches, if necessary, so that the air can properly circulate around the food. 
  • Preheating an air fryer isn’t usually required unless a recipe calls for this step. Air fryers heat up quickly, and preheating doesn’t usually result in less cooking time.
  • To prevent foods from sticking in an air fryer, give the basket or wire rack a light spray of cooking oil (I use olive oil) for easy removal, or use a sling made out of aluminum foil for certain foods that tend to stick more easily. This works especially well for more delicate foods.

Easy Air Fryer Ground Beef Favorites

In this recipe round-up, you’ll find beef comfort food favorites with a healthier twist in a fraction of the time!

air fryer kofta on a Greek flatbread with all the toppings
Air Fryer Kofta Wraps from Amee’s Savory Dish
Air Fryer Kofta
A flavorful kofta recipe using a combination of lean beef and lamb that cooks in an air fryer in under 15 minutes.
Check out this recipe
air fryer kofta on a Greek flatbread with all the toppings
Easy Air Fryer Stuffed Bell Peppers from The Typical Mom
Stuffed peppers are comfort food at it’s best and ready in a fraction of the time with this air fryer method. Dinner is on the table in under 20 minutes.
Check out this recipe
Air fryer stuffed peppers on a plate
two loaded burgers on a platter
Air fryer burgers from Clean Eating Kitchen
Juicy Air Fryer Hamburgers
Make the juiciest air fryer burgers with this simple recipe made with only 3 ingredients that's ready in 15 minutes or less!
Check out this recipe
close up of a loaded hamburger on a brioche bun dripping with sauce
Air Fryer Hamburgers without Breadcrumbs from Clean Eating Kitchen
Who wants a juicy burger with all the fixings? This easy and delicious Air Fryer Hamburger recipe is perfect for a quick and easy dinner. This recipe is super fast and full of flavor!
Check out this recipe
two loaded burgers on a platter
Air Fryer Empanadas from Amanda’s Cookin
Air fryer empanadas are made with ground beef, peppers, and onion wrapped inside flaky pie dough. These empanadas are highly customizable and make the perfect dinner or appetizer.
Check out this recipe
empanadas on a plate with salsa
Air Fryer Nachos from Recipes from a Pantry
Delicious Air Fryer Chili Nachos is a comforting cheesy meal that cooks in about 5 minutes, making it a great dinner or snack that your whole family will love. 
Check out this recipe
someone pulling nachos out of an air fryer
taquitos on a plate
Air Fryer Beef Taquitos from A Peachy Plate
Easy Air Fryer Beef Taquitos from A Peachy Plate
Easy and healthy air fryer beef taquitos in under 30 minutes. These taco-seasoned ground beef with cheese rolled in a corn and flour blend tortilla are super tasty and crunchy.
Check out this recipe
taquitos on a plate
Air Fryer Chimichangas from Emily Fabulous
Make these Air Fryer Chimichangas for a delicious and healthier version of your favorite Mexican dish. Use your favorite filling and condiments and you will have a fast and easy weeknight meal everyone will love!
Check out this recipe
chimichanga topped with salsa with a side of sliced avocado
Air Fryer Burger Bites from Cook At Home Mom
Looking for a healthy appetizer for the big game or your next get-together? These Air Fryer Burger Bites will be the hit of the party for kids and grown ups alike, and they’re Paleo, Whole30, Keto-friendly, and low-carb.
Check out this recipe
mini burgers on a toothpick
meatballs in a bowl
Air Fryer Meatballs from Best Beef Recipes
Juicy Air Fryer Meatballs from Best Beef Recipes
Air Fryer Meatballs are crispy on the outside and perfectly juicy! They take just 10 minutes to cook and have all of the flavors you love in a classic Italian meatball recipe. We know this will be your new favorite way to make meatballs!
Check out this recipe
meatballs in a bowl
Air Fryer Meatloaf from Summer Yule
Did you know that you can make meatloaf in an air fryer? Grab a pack of ground beef and whip up this delicious and nourishing air fryer entree for dinner.
Check out this recipe
sliced meatloaf on a plate

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