Turkey Cookie Pops

How cute is this little turkey??  I found the inspiration for these cookie pops while browsing Pinterest (which I am completely addicted to) and wanted to make them for the kids.  My daughter’s teacher wanted me to make a Thanksgiving snack with her class, so these treats would be perfect.  Best of all, for those of you that don’t like to bake, they are made with ready made ingredients.  Super easy peasy.   Kids will have fun making these cookie treats.  Gobble!  Gobble!

Turkey Cookie Pops
adapted from Heather Ann Melzer

Bag of Double Stuffed Vanilla Oreos (you can also use the organic vanilla Newman’s Own sandwich cookies, but the double stuffed cookies are easier to work with)
Bag of mini Nutter Butter cookies
Candy eyes (I bought mine at a local bakery)
candy corns
white melting chocolate 
Lollipop sticks

Attach Nutter Butter cookie to Oreo with melted white chocolate, dip the end of the lollipop stick in melted chocolate and insert into the bottom of the cookie.  Attach eyes with chocolate, then arrange candy corns around the top for his feathers.  Cut the end off a candy corn and attach to Nutter Butter for his beak.  Ready to wrap and tie up with a ribbon or eat and enjoy.


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    Hi Amee :) I run Fun Family Crafts and am receiving some great search engine traffic to a feature I had on Heather Ann Melzer’s cookie pops. Unfortunately she has closed down her blog so I found yours and will be linking to you instead. Hope you don’t mind me sending the traffic your way instead! 😉 Here’s the feature http://funfamilycrafts.com/cookie-turkey-pop/ Thanks!

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