1. Karen says

    Amee, thank you so much for being so open and sharing about what you are going through. This was a beautiful read.

    • Amee Livingston says

      Thank you, Karen. I hope that my transparency helps a lot of women, not only be proactive, but to cope with the battle. xo~

  2. Lauren Harris-Pincus says

    You are amazing, Amee. You are so brave and generous to share your story with other women. I look forward to the day when you can look back on this challenge as a distant memory. xoxo

  3. Mary Tarrant says

    You will be great thru all this and after you have such an amazing attitude and sense of humor to go with it. I have always believed that a good attitude is half the battle. Love you!

  4. Isabel Laessig says

    Amy, you continue to amaze me with your strength and faith. I loved the old you and can only imagine the great things this new you is going to do. You are one strong mama! Sending you much love and strength to get through the rough days. xoxo

  5. Susan H says

    My mom had a simple bilateral mastectomy last week also but had bleeding issues. She ended up coding in the ICU, being on a ventilator for 3 days and is just gotten back to the post surgical floor of the hospital. Last week we were concerned about dealing with the drains and pain. This week we are just thankful that she is alive…

    • Amee Livingston says

      Susan, I am praying for your mom! I’m so sorry that she is having such a rough time. The mastectomy procedure is hard enough without having complications. Godspeed to her, you and all of your family. xo~

  6. Carrie Farias says

    Amee I can’t even imagine what you are going through and have been praying for you and a quick recovery. You truly are an inspiration and I hope that if the same thing happened to me I’d have your strength. xoxo

  7. Ellen Arnott says

    Words can hardly express how proud I feel to have you as my niece. Your sharing your story will help many who may be struggling with a cross of their own. Your strength and Faith are an inspiration to us all.
    Love & prayers, Aunt Ellen

    • Amee Livingston says

      Well, I do have an amazing family that have set great examples for me over the years! Love you and hugs to Nana, too!!

  8. Bob says

    As a man, it is easy for me to say that you did GREAT, and the hard part is over. The fact is that my Mother had the same surgery almost 40 years ago, and she is alive, well, and kicking at 81 years old. I am so glad she had the courage to do what was required, and I very happy to see you do did the same.

    Remember, all things pass, and so shall this.

    Now, let’s talk about all the great things coming up!

  9. Jeanette says

    Hi Amee! Has anyone told you how amazing you are? Well, you are!! I love getting your emails and I pray for your recovery. You are such a brave woman. God has a plan for your life and I’m so happy to be able to read your updates & progress. Thank you for encouraging so many and may God continue to bless you & your family.
    Big hugs,
    Jett aka randomwriggley on IG

  10. Dorothy at Shockingly Delicious says

    Thank you for your openness and willingness to share the details. It helps us understand what’s going on. You are AMAZING.

  11. Erin says

    You never cease to amaze me, Amee! God only gives us what we can handle so he must know you are Superwoman! 🙂 Such an inspiration to so many women!!

    • Amee Livingston says

      Thank you Denise! When I’m back to my perky self, I need to focus on creating video content! It’s so intimidating to me, but you guys made it look so easy! 🙂

  12. Brenda @SugarFreeMom says

    Just now had the time to read about your recovery and wow I am so amazed and grateful you are cancer free, what amazing news!! You’re a fighter all the way, weakling you are not! Take it slow and be kind to your body, perky little breasts sound perfect for a runner like you!!!

  13. gretchen | kumquat says

    so glad to read your thumbs up report. hallelujah! and thank the Lord for perky, fake breasts that behave! prayers for continued quick recovery, and laughs too.

  14. Tammi @Momma's Meals says

    You are truly an inspiration. Keep walking the road your headed on Momma because you are amazing. Sending you and your family hugs and much love as you continue to recover and move forward.

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