The most precious gift…

My mother gave me the most amazing gift.  It is my great grandmother’s cookbook published in 1892.  She felt that I was ready to inherit the book she has treasured for many years.  It was a gift to my mother from my Nana Simon before I was born. 
I opened the fragile cover to reveal the inscription on the inside,  “Christmas Present to Tilly Love, Mamma Dec 25, 1893”.  Tilly is my great grandmother’s aunt.  This was a gift from my great grandmother’s grandmother and handed down to her years later.  My great grandmother was 4 years old when her aunt received this book.  We are not sure when she passed this on to my great grandmother. This is truly a historical treasure!!  I love genealogy and learning about my the lives and interests of my ancestors.  This cookbook feels like a time machine and I can’t wait to read it cover to cover.
The book is filled with magazine articles and recipes from the early 1900’s, handwritten notes and recipe cards from my great grandmother and her Aunt Tilly. 
I felt such an instant connection with a very special lady that I have only seen in pictures and heard in stories…
 I love her comments!
One thing I noticed in a lot of her hand written recipes is that she didn’t always put quantities of ingredients and cooking temperatures. 
There is an entire chapter on etiquette.   I love the refinement of that time period.  So elegant!!
Another chapter that I found amusing was on being a “good housewife.”  How to keep an organized home, have meals on the table for your family and being an attentive wife.  Times sure have changed!
As I dive into reading this “handbook for the housewife” I will report back on what interesting things that I discover in my culinary literature journey.  Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all of you!


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