Spa Water…Jazz Up Your H2O!

One of my favorite things about going to nice resorts or health spas is enjoying their fresh, naturally flavored waters, typically infused with fruits and herbs.  On our recent trip to Florida for vacation, the Hilton hotel where we stayed had large glass containers of orange and lemon/lime infused water in the lobby.  My daughter and I loved filling up our water bottles with this refreshing, guilt-free drink every day.  At zero calories, this is a drink that you’ll want to keep on hand in your fridge at all times.  It’s fun to switch up the flavors from time to time and it takes boring water to a fun and refreshing drink.  My friend, Laurie, served strawberry basil infused water when they had us over for dinner recently.  That was a really incredible combination!  Create your own infusion to suit your tastes.  The possibilities are endless and it makes for a beautiful presentation.

Go to Spa Water Recipes for flavor combination ideas.  This website has some great recipes!

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