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I prepared a couple of recipes from The Perfect Paleo Thanksgiving cookbook by Brianna Hobbs, Janet Fackrell & Autumn Fackrell, following my review this week.  I am incredibly pleased with how simple they were to prepare and how delicious they turned out.  The first recipe was for the Warm Arugula Pear Salad.  I paired it with my Tangy Dijon Dressing for a fun twist and it was absolutely heavenly!!  This salad would work really well with fresh baby spinach, too.  

A little teaser for you….
The other recipe that I was dying to try was for the Paleo Pecan Pie.  I LOVE traditional pecan pie.  It’s one of my favorite holiday desserts, but since I have banned sugar from my diet (no regrets…feeling amazing) I can’t indulge in the original this year.  I was hoping for a good substitute to make my taste buds happy.  This pie is delicious!!  It’s, of course, a bit different from the original, but it’s still really, really tasty.  I love the rich maple syrup flavor and you still get some of that gooey and sweet filling that is so heavenly in the original recipe.  
How about a slice?….

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