Green Tea Smoothie & Tips For a Healthy 2015

Green tea smoothie

Do you make New Year’s resolutions?  Does it help you to stay motivated to set goals for the coming year?  Often times, New Year’s resolutions are short-lived.  When desired results aren’t quickly achieved, self-doubt and feelings of discouragement tend to set in.  One way to help prevent sinking back into old habits or veering off… 

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Stretch As Much As You Sweat!

glute stretch

On mornings when I train, I usually don’t want a big pre-workout meal. I save the omelette for later when I need to replenish my fuel after a vigorous workout. However, I really don’t wake up until I’ve had my cup of coffee. I love my cuppa joe! It gets my body moving and wakes… 

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How Many Calories Should You Consume In A Day?


I am sharing a great table from Emeals for calculating your daily caloric intake.  This is a general guideline to use to make sure that you aren’t consuming too many or too few calories in a day.  Remember, you must EAT to be fit, just make sure it’s REAL food!  Avoid sugar and anything processed/refined.  The… 

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